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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jesse Ventura '' Think I'm kidding? Don't hold your breath! ''

Finally my Bollggyypoopers, here we are finally doing something on my BLOG as I am trying this Twitter stuff. Biggest problem I encounter these days is the lack of time, aren't we all...LOL... The time to eat, sleep, work (those who still do LOL) and still find time to absorb all the info that is out there! Not even mentioning that I absolutely do not watch TV anymore but also for many other reasons then time. Anyway here is my next ''guest'', Jesse Ventura

He is an American politician, the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, Navy UDT veteran, actor, and former radio and television talk show host. As a professional wrestler, he is best known for his nickname, Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

I know for many of you out there he is no stranger but for those in Belgium, Holland etz. who do not know him I just urge you to see his conspiracy videos ! Please bare in mind that these series were made for the American audience so do not be confused by there Hollywood style presentation because the facts presented are are still the facts. Here is one of his latest topics that we all are made of and we use every day WATER !

'' If anything's a human right in this world, you'd figure it would be water. But now it's just like oil. Another product to be bought and sold by faceless greedy corporations, hungry power brokers and all the evil bastards who want to rule the world. And they are ruling the world by controlling the source. And they're doing it here in ways we don't even recognize. Every time you pay for a bottle of water, you're part of the conspiracy. And what happens when the water runs out? They'll just find a way to control the air that you breathe. Think I'm kidding? Don't hold your breath.''(TruTV)

His new truth prevailing book , ''63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read''

Personally I have great respect for people who are famous and put their career and their lives on the line for the truth like Jesse, Aaron Russo, Charlie Sheen, Ron Paul, Alex Jones etz. Try to see the series on Youtube, just type in ''Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory'' and you get them all, a real MUST SEE (know) for the entire planet! Here one of them...btw. great

I leave you with some food for thought...
"Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no one has a right to be wrong about the facts. Without the facts, your opinion is of no value."

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