Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jim Humble ''Cure for CANCER & AIDS...A JOKE?...NO !''

Happy 2009, my faithful apologies for the silence on my BLOG but had a lot to do with my Vaio project. Anyway here I am I keep it short with a little conclusion and some new person on my list I thought worthwhile posting on my BLOG.

POLITICAL NOTE: About what is now happening the US I am convinced that the folowing men can still bring REAL CHANGE (although still doing behind the scenes)! My solution still is, put JESSE VENTURA, RON PAUL and DENISE KUCHINITCH together in office and America will have it's original values back in no time. Obama is just a puppet for the NWO ! No more no less! Not convinced ? Do your research you can start here the infowar...or this video!

A STATEMENT: The most important things this last century that had directly or indirectly a very positive impact for every person on this planet are...NIKOLA TESLA & THE INTERNET !(I know a lot of you will say yes but there are so many more I know but my point is to pick out the biggest ones with the most impact and there outcome!)

MY GUEST: I saw this interview with Jim on Project Camelot (where else) so like many times before had to put it on my Blog and also because it has to do with your health, family and friends! So please do take a look, it is similar to ''Run from the Cure'' but then again on the other hand different.

Aerospace engineer Jim Humble's third career started accidentally while on a gold prospecting trip in the jungle of Venezuela. There, using stabilized oxygen, he improvised an effective remedy for his colleagues who were stricken with malaria. As curious as he had always been in his life, he returned to his native US and wondered why the cure had worked so well.

Jim's interview on Project Camelot.
Jim Humble's website.

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