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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ALAN WATT '' Cutting Through the Matrix ''

Good Morning BLOGGYFLOPPIES or whatever moment it is when you're reading this. It seems that Project Camelot and the Alex Jones show have a lot of influence on me choosing the entities I put on my BLOG, well whatever it really does not matter as long as there is interesting knowledge that will help us fight the NWO ! That is of course if you believe they exist or not? In my opinion you must be the more than blind to not see what is happening on this planet(and beyond)!

Anyway back to my guest Alan, the feeling I have when he speaks on any show is that he is always a very calm personality in contrary of Alex Jones who I also respect and can feel his frustration true the airwaves. Alan expresses so much peace and harmony in these interviews, compare it with a lifetime knowledge of one of the Asian Martial arts with a tranquility in himself ! Wow that was a long one, remember I am not a writer! OK enough brabbeling the only thing I can do is recommend him and listen to him ofcourse otherwise he wouldn't be on my BLOG...LOL...

His pages...with a great title ''Cutting True the Matrix'' other languages Sentientsentinel

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