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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bruce Lipton ''An Introduction To Fractal Evolution''

Finally I am posting something on my BLOG ! Like always to not loose the habit of calling the entities* who reading my Blog some kind of nick name I will also do it now...let's try Globalblogaroos...sounds cool. Anyway here I am trying to keep it short although it is very difficult because there is so much happening at the same time on this planet it is almost impossible to grasp it. I mean on all subjects, spiritual, technological, environmental seems to be called ''exponential''...well you know what I mean. Lets start with this KYMATIKA video a saw and that let me to my next guest Bruce Lipton of who I can only recommend to see it as it makes sense but like always these conclusions you have to decide for your self.

Apart from these very interesting video's I also refer to some video's that that have to with a place called HOLLOW earth and it seems that Hitler had great interest in it! Weather you believe it or not I am convinced it exist because of the official military reports and the testimonies of the men who witnessed by who they were attacked.(some of them still alive) Again please find it out in the video's below as one thing is certain you find it more than interesting. Sorry I found them only in German as the seem to be from a Russian series but if you have more interest I am sure you can find more if you Google it !

That's it for now btw I also found out that it seems I have a famous ancestor in the is a link for whoever has an interest.Clement Larid Vallandigham
*(entities because I know not all of you who are reading this are human...LOL)

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