Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sibel Edmonds ''KILL THE MESSENGER''

Good evening my dear Blogooooes(doesn't sound so bad), as the saying go's ''better late then never'' sure does applies to my next guest! Whatever angle you look at it...

I came across Sibel Edmonds photo googling something else and immediately she drew my attention because(please don't laugh)she looks very much like my ex girlfriend (also petite).
I began to look for more (photos of course ;)) but I ended with a BIG story behind this remarkable lady. She certainly is in the same league as William Rodriguez and Leuren Moret who are also on my Blog. She even got the PEN Newman Award. Finally it all has to with the same thing Ron Paul is now fighting for NOW!

I saw a few video`s who I really recommend to see, so please take a look at the video links while I keep on dreaming one day meeting her...LOL.

Sibel's website Just a citizen
BLOG Let Sibel talk
Brad Friedman last info video, heavy disclosure

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