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Friday, December 28, 2007

John Birch: ''A Patriotic Exemplar''

Hi Blogies, its about time I put something on my Blog! Not that I do not have enough individuals too put on, on the contrary my list is never ending...LOL! Anyway i had Paul Pantone planned as my next guest but searching for some info about HHO cells strangely enough I came across a You tube video and after seeing it I decided to put(it) him on my Blog.

Well who was John Birch? Like many of the noble souls associated with America's founding, John Morrison Birch was a man rooted in principles that transcend politics. In a "prose poem" written at age 26, John Birch gave voice to his Jefferson-esque longing to "live slowly, to relax with my family before a glowing fireplace ... to enjoy a good book ... to reach the sunset of my life sound in body and mind, flanked by strong sons and more on the next link. John Birch Society

This was the link I found on the You tube video that in my opinion is a MUST SEE certainly in this difficult times we face and more in particular the Americans! If you want to understand a bit in a simple way what kind of systems are used for ruling this planet then this is the video to see! (30min)