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Sunday, August 26, 2007

David Sereda "From Here to Andromeda"

Good afternoon my "Bloggers" to use for once a normal word. I know I skipped one week but as they say better late then never.
Before I introduce you to my next guest my deep condolences go out to Aaron's family and friends at this difficult time. Perhaps you dit not know but Aaron Russo past away this week. What an irony that the same individuals he was fighting are sadly but true the same ones responsible for holding back the cure against cancer that already exist for decades !

Now let's introduce my new (invitee) David Sereda. Before I made this blog I wrote him a few e-mails saying he was going to be on my BLOG and responded very nice and quick wish is not always the case with other (famous)individuals. I learned to know him true his Evidence video wish I personally find the most convincing UFO explanation I ever saw so if you ever find the time SEE IT!
Talking about coincidence me having a Blog called GCC and David telling me he was producing a new series on consciousness, his true favorite field. He told me he also was a fan of David Lynch and that he is also like Lynch been practicing meditation daily for over 30 years with many great teachers. Thats a field I really have to look into.
Please take a good look at the third video, Pulitzer prize winner reveals that the us has anti gravity for years !!! Say again...YES.

Evidence The Case For NASA UFO's
David's new project "From here to Andromeda"

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