Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mary Rodwell " INDIGO, STAR KIDS & ET's "

Good afternoon my "Blogsmoothchers"(you know by now)...Finally I am making a post that's about star child's wish in a way seeing the content of mymindtwist pages I have to be one myself...LOL! Another reason for this post is that I seem to connect with them, usually very young ones here on the island, they seem to have always have an enormous interest in me on our first encounter. I always try to give their parents a gently advise to look up on the net(now also my Blog) and find out what Indigo children are. Most of them aren't even aware that they have a special child! Anyway here I am while writing this blog listening to the interviews of Mary Rodwell on coast to coast with George Noory that I highly recommend to those bloggers who think they have one. ( see links ) It also came to the me listening to the interview that this is what I eventually am doing with this Blog as you can see in the title of this Blog "a level of higher consciousness"...?

Mary Rodwell, the founder of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN), shared knowledge gathered from working with alien inductees, experiences and 'Star Kids.She sees the development of Star Kids as the ET's deliberate program to "upgrade humanity." She noted that in China, children in a "super-psychic" program can open the bud of a flower with their mind, or change the DNA of a sample in a Petri dish.

Mary Rodwell on coast to coast with George Noory part 1. (rest follow Youtube)
ABC News segment about indigo children
Indigo & Crystal Children: Dr. Doreen Virtue Pt.1
Mary's site ACEM

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