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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Michael Moore, He did it again..." SiCKO "

Goodmorning my "blogiefloopers"(just to keep the idea going)
Here we are, normally no time for this so I try to keep it short. Of course most of you know my next guest because of his other films. I saw yesterday his new film "Sicko" and I really could not resist to give him some credit and promotion on this blog! I am not going to reveal anything here but the end of the film is just of the wall. Just to do this in reality, remember this is a documentary film not fiction, it is a must see! Reactions always welcome on my blog or on my mail.

PS.I received a mail from William Rodriguez (see below) and it seems he is doing a European tour so I will try to help him get him to do a lecture on this little island .

His personal site
For smart ones...LOL.

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