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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy " Project Camelot "

Good morning my bloggers! I hope you are awake because this post is about probably the most amazing interviews you have ever seen! Certainly if you do not know Project Camelot. I came across them a last year as they started their website but their research goos many years back as you can find out on their pages.
Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy currently live in Southern California. A steadily increasing amount of their time is spent on Project Camelot. They travel and network widely. My personal feeling says that most of the persons interviewed seem to be very convinced in what they are saying or they should become all actors instantly...LOL. then I am not even talking about the risk they take making their info public!
Anyway like I mentioned in my introduction this blog is more about "just having knowledge of the information" rather then believing all what is being claimed ! If you have any questions I am sure Kerry or Bill will answer them like they did with me.
I am part of their "The Round Table".
Link to Project Camelot

(just posted here my most important ones)

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