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Friday, May 04, 2007

Phillip Day "The Real Face of the European Union"

Hi my dear bloggers Like I told you I am not really into politics but never the less this was to important to pass by! If this is really true what is happening in the EU and what beautiful laws they are preparing for us than it is surely worthwhile reporting it! A resume...

1/ Scrapping of trial by jury = State appointed Judge to pronounce you guilty or not!
2/ Scrapping of habeas Corpus = Arrest without charge!
3/ Scrapping of the innocent till proven = You have to prove your innocence against the combined machinery of the state
4/ Scrapping of the double Jeopardy= not being condemned for the same offense twice !
5/ Scrapping of non disclosure= Any previous convictions you had will be made available to the court before you are trial begins. Need I say more ?
Phillip Day website "Campaign for Truth in Europe"

Phillip Day has directed a brilliant new documentary detailing the inner workings of the EU.

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