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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nikola Tesla * Enlightened *

It all started when I came to the island a friend of mine told me about a book he read from Tesla, I began my 3 year research and was so astounded by the fact that 80% of the technology we now have came from one person! So off course this blog would mean nothing without the man who made it possible! Yes he is direct or indirect responsible that we have all this that's why my infinite admiration to the man who made the technology we have today possible and who was in my opinion enlightened (more than all so called Illuminati Alex Collier his videos and you will understand) in a way he himself did not know lets just say he used about 30% of his brain, Einstein 18 as we only 14 and I probably is he could think in 3D and the proof of all that is the machinery of him we still use today!
Download the film "Tajna Nikole Tesle 1980" with Orson Welles that is available as torrent.

Direct link to the video "The missing secrets of Nikola Tesla"

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